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Welcome to the Lancaster ISD TEAMS Parent Self Serve. This system provides a resource for parents/guardians to view their child's grades, attendance, and discipline information.  Email notifications can be set to receive notifications whenever an absences, low grades, and missing assignment is posted.  Parents/Guardians must have an account in the Parent Self Serve.

Parent Self Serve User Guide

Terms of Use
By completing the online registration, parents/guardians are verifying that they are the parent or legal guardian of the student(s) whose information will be viewing and they have the legal authority to obtain the educational information provided within.


Others will not be able to view the information of a child via this portal unless a parent/guardian shares the login information.  To receive an account, a parent/guarding must be listed in the TEAMS student system as a parent/guardian of a student and can provide specific information to complete the online registration.

Additional Information
While Lancaster ISD strives to ensure information on the Parent Self Serve is accurate and up-to-date, the system does not contain official information.  Official information is maintained in the student's cumulative record.

Registration Information
The Parent Self Serve Registration Steps document will guide parents/guardians accessing student information for the first time in creating a new account.
Parent Self Serve Registration Steps
To create an account and be approved automatically, the following information must be entered and match the information in the TEAMS student information for the "parent/guardian resides with" from enrollment.
  • Parent/guardian first name
  • Parent/guardian last name
  • Student Birthdate
  • Student Legal First Name
  • Student district ID (five-digit local)
  • Student Last Name
  • Zip Code of the "resides with parent/guardian home address
If you need assistance registering or your account does not display all of your children, contact your child's campus.

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